Resident Artist & Creator

Jean is the person behind the work at 52 Hilton on Main. About a year ago she took the huge endeavor of  moving her old Studio and started pouring her heart into the one here in Castleton. She was a long time Castletonian and would love to see more creative services available for us. 

Jean attended The College of St. Rose back when stone tablets were still the thing– in lithography. Forever continuing her journey into the world of Art, from healing and creativity to teaching. She is part Energizer Bunny and part Curious George. One of her many passions are the gigantic looms that you see before you come into the Studio. The noise that a loom makes, as you are weaving your patterns into your work, not only captivate you, but seem to recharge your creativity. 

If you are interested in learning more about Jean before I get fired for posting her photo, please feel free to stop down at 52 Hilton on Main.